Bring your products to life on your online store

Boost sales with the EzyVue 3D Viewer

Re-create the in-store viewing experience on your online store. Shoppers can view a virtual version of your product from any angle and zoom in to see details.

View from any angle

Shoppers can view a virtual 3D version of your product with 360 rotation and zoom.
With annotations the camera automatically tracks to highlighted product features.

3d product visualization from any angle

High quality HD rendering

The 3D rendering engine brings your products to life in 3D. Features high-detail PBR materials, HDR lighting, shadows, reflections and CGI effects.

reaslistic 3d product rendering

Augmented reality

AR has been demonstrated in consumer studies to increase conversion rates and reduce returns.
Shoppers with Android devices can also personalize products in their own home with the WebAR viewer.
augmented reality for ios and android

Create a personalized buying experience for your customers in 3D

Let your customers personalize your products and choose from all the options such as color, texture and component parts.
sofa product configurator

Demonstrate moving parts with animations

Make the shopping experience more interactive and demonstrate features and moving parts with animations.
3d animations

Annotate Your 3D Models

Highlight key product features with interactive 3D text annotations. Click an annotation button to quickly zoom and track the camera to the point of interest and display product information.
3d annotations

CGI Effects

Easily add CGI effects such as reflections, shadows, bloom and camera depth-of-field effects. Combine gemstone and bloom effects to display incredibly realistic jewelry.

Product Catalog

Show your entire product range to clients in 3D and AR with the viewer in demonstration mode.

Dimensions Tool

Turn on the tool to show model dimensions.
product dimensions

Supports most website builders

Follow our step-by-step guides to integrate the viewer with popular website builders
integrate with wixintegrate with webflowintegrate with squarespaceintegrate with shopifyintegrate with wordpress

QR Codes

Easily generate QR code images for your marketing materials.
product dimensions