Get ahead of the competition with the Ezyvue 3D viewer

With the interactive 3D Viewer you can showcase products in a more interactive and engaging way

Interactive online 3D viewer with AR and VR technologies

The Ezyvue 3D Viewer provides a realistic and interactive shopping experience for your customers

View a model interactively in 3D from any angle

Easy to use 360° camera rotation, panning and zooming.
First-person camera option for walking through a scene.
Automatic camera tracking to specific features with annotations.

3d product visualization from any angle

High quality HD rendering

The ThreeJS web rendering technology brings your products to life with realistic shadows, reflections, PBR materials, HDR lighting and post-processing effects.

reaslistic 3d product rendering

AR and VR

Enhance your website with immersive AR and VR experiences.
AR helps to increase sales and reduce returns by making customers more confident that a product is the right choice for their home or workplace.

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augmented reality for ios and android

Personalized buying experience for your customers

Build your own product configurator and let your customers choose from all the options such as color, texture and component parts.
Shoppers can personalize products in their own home with the WebAR viewer on compatible browsers.

sofa product configurator

Demonstrate moving parts with animations

Make your website more interactive and demonstrate features, mechanisms and moving parts with animations.
Start animations interactively when a user clicks an animation button attached to a model.

3d animations

Annotate your models

Highlight key features with interactive 3d text annotations. Click an annotation button to quickly zoom and track the camera to the point of interest and display text.

3d annotations

Ezyvue Studio

Compose your project scenes, edit lighting, cameras, shadows, materials and textures. Add 3D text annotations, create a product configurator and more.


Product demonstration

In demonstration mode the viewer is ideal for showing a product range to clients in 3d and AR.


Dimensions Tool

Turn on the tool to show the dimensions of a 3d model.

product dimensions

Easy website integration and support for most site builders

The viewer can be integrated with your website with a single iframe HTML tag. Follow our step-by-step guides to integrate the viewer with popular website builders.

integrate with wixintegrate with webflowintegrate with squarespaceintegrate with shopifyintegrate with wordpress