Create a personalized shopping experience

Show all your product options in 3D and AR with the Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Customers can choose from all your available product options including color, fabrics and component parts

Configurator features

  • Customize material properties such as colors and fabric textures
  • Create product variants
  • User interface is built automagically
  • Customize the user interface
  • WebAR support on Android devices

How do I build a product configurator?

Building a configurator is easier than you might think. It consists of adding parts for each part of the model that has material variants such as color, texture etc.
To each of the parts, variants are added and the materials for each one are configured.
If your product has physical part variants, for example chair leg types, you can create component parts and attach a model.
There's no need to build a UI, the configurator automatically creates a UI for you as you add parts and variants.

sofa product configurator

Augmented reality

With App-less WebAR for Android users with compatible devices, product personalization is available allowing shoppers to try out various product options in their homes.

See the demo
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