Realistic web-based 3D visualization and AR for the furniture industry

Create the highly engaging shopping experience that customers expect

Furniture personalization

With the product configurator shoppers can personalize an item and choose from the available colors, patterns, materials and features.

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Augmented reality for iOS, Android and WebAR with product personalization

Let consumers preview your products at home with AR

Ezyvue AR lets customers virtually place life-like models in their own room, helping them make the right choice.
App-less WebAR on Android also allows customers to try out a variety of color and material options.

augmented reality for ios and android

AR in the furniture retail industry

Furniture is currently the most popular product type that customers in the US want to see in AR. According to a recent Camera IQ survey, "76% of consumers have already used AR one way or another, and more than half of those who have not yet tried AR say they hope to do so in the future."

Interacting with products that have AR experiences leads to a
higher conversion rate
Brands are
more likely to be considered if they have a branded AR experience
There are
million consumers shopping with AR online and in-stores.