3D & AR Product Visualization Platform for E-Commerce

Transform the way customers shop online with the 3D Viewer

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Narrow the gap between the in-store and online viewing experience

Consumers find it difficult to evaluate product quality and suitability without being able to touch and see it in person. The Ezyvue 3D Viewer helps to bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience.

A more interactive online shopping experience

The Ezyvue 3D viewer makes it possible for customers to try out and experience your brand interactively online.
Your customers can view a realistic 3D model of a product from any angle, zoom in to see the details and switch to AR mode to see it in the home.

The 3D web viewer features product configurator, 260 degree rotation, AR, and 3D text annotations

Augmented Reality and WebAR

Consumers that can virtually view a product at home in AR will have more confidence in it's quality and suitability, leading to higher conversion rates and fewer returns.

Augmented reality for iOS, Android and WebAR with product personalization

Virtual Reality

Create an amazing immersive experience using web-based virtual reality. Your customers can experience VR from the the 3D Viewer by clicking the VR icon. Navigation is easy with the point and move controller.

A personalized buying experience for your customers

The Ezyvue Product Configurator makes it possible to choose from available colour, fabric, and material variations. This is invaluable when using AR in the home, a customer can select colors and fabrics of a couch and match it with the room decor.

3D animations

How it works

upload assets

1. Upload a model

Asset files are automatically converted to an optimized 3D format for the web and AR.
3D editor

2. Edit

Use Ezyvue Studio to edit the scene, camera, lighting and environment and add features such as annotations and product variants.
embed the 3D viewer

3. Embed

Embed the viewer as a HTML iframe on your website or site builder.

Upload, manage and deploy your 3D models with a single online platform

Ezyvue provides a complete solution for adding interactive 3D products and to AR to your website or online store.

Integrated solution

Easy website integration and support for most site builders

The 3D Web Viewer can be integrated with your website with a single iframe HTML tag. Follow our step-by-step guides to integrate the viewer with popular website builders.

Integrate the 3D viewer with a Wix websiteIntegrate the 3D viewer with a Webflow websiteIntegrate the 3D viewer with a Squarespace websiteIntegrate the 3D viewer with a Shopify websiteIntegrate the 3D viewer with a Wordpress website

Turn your photographs and designs into realistic, detailed 3D models

Our professional modeling partners are experts in creating accurate 3D models optimized for the web and AR.

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Transform your products into realistic, detailed 3D models


Features photorealistic realistic 3D rendering

3D Model Viewer

Interactive photorealistic 3D viewer, embeddable on web pages and website builders.
Shoppers can preview products in their own homes with AR

Augmented reality

AR technology allows shoppers try out your products in their own space with a AR and WebAR.

Virtual reality

Customers can experience immersive, app-less VR from your website with the Ezyvue Web Viewer.
Demonstrate features, moving parts and mechanisms with animations


Demonstrate features, moving parts and mechanisms with animations. Customers can click and play animations with animation triggers.
Highlight key product features with interactive text annotations

3D Text annotations

Highlight and describe key features with interactive 3D text annotations.
Configure your product with Ezyvue Studio

Ezyvue Studio

Use the studio to edit lighting, environments, camera, materials, and effects. Add text annotations, animation triggers, images, audio, product variants, and more.
Show all your product variantions with the Product Configurator


Add personalization using the 3D Product Configurator.
The 3D viewer is supported by all modern mobile and desktop browsers


The Ezyvue 3D viewer is responsive on all modern mobile and desktop browsers.
Integrate the 3D viewer with your website

Easy website integration

Integrating the 3D Web Viewer and augmented reality is with your website can be as easy as copying and pasting a HTML code snippet onto your web page.
Easily create qr codes

Store builder integration

Follow our step-by-step guides to integrate the viewer with popular website builders.
Upload and manage your assets securely in the cloud

Asset management

Upload, store and manage your assets securely in the cloud. Export your files in glTF and USDZ formats.
Easily create qr codes


Digital piracy prevention for model files.
Prevent the 3D Web Viewer from being embedded on another site with domain locking.
Easily create qr codes

Technical Support

Expert technical support by email to resolve your technical problems.
Easily create qr codes

QR Codes

Create QR codes for your marketing publications.