Promote your brand online with the Ezyvue 3D & AR viewer

3D product viewer for e-commerce.  Simple website integration.

3D e-commerce

Consumers can find it difficult to evaluate product quality and suitability without being able to touch and see it in person. The 3D product viewer helps to bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience.

  • Increase customer engagement, greater buyer confidence and boost conversions
  • Use it in marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty
  • Create product presentations and demos with animations and annotations
  • Let shoppers try out your products in the home using AR

High quality 3D product visualization

The 3D product viewer makes it possible for customers to try out and experience your brand interactively online.

  • Interact with and view a model from any angle and zoom in to see the details
  • Highly realistic and detailed visuals from the sophisticated browser-based graphics engine
  • Supports low-poly, high-detail models with PBR textures

Realistic 3D camera model

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AR Viewer

AR brings a unique user experience to websites and e-commerce stores. Shoppers with compatible devices can visualize how a product looks in their home.

  • The AR viewer helps to increase sales and reduce returns by making customers more confident that a product is the right choice for their home
  • Greater buying confidence makes customers more likely to hit the add-to-cart button

Online 3D viewer and editor
Product Configurator

Product Personalization in 3D & AR

A product configurator makes it possible to choose from available color, fabric, and material variations. Shoppers can swith to AR from the 3D viewer at the click of a button.

  • Build your own product configurator with an auto-generated UI in the 3D editor
  • With browser-based WebAR, shoppers can select colors and fabrics to match the room decor

Simple website integration

Embed the 3D product viewer on a web page with a the provided <iframe> HTML code. Alternatively, you can simply add a <viewer-3d> element to your page and include the viewer Javascript and style CSS.

Product configurator

Ezyvue 3D editor

Online 3D model viewer and scene editor

  • Upload and view 3D model files online.
  • Publish and display them on your website.
  • Enhance your scene with shadow mapping, ground shadows, effects, HDR environment maps, custom backgrounds, reflections, and fog.
  • Export as binary glTF format.
  • Play animations.
  • Add 3D primitives, lights, and text annotations to the scene.
  • Edit mesh materials.
  • Create product variants with selectable PBR materials and colors.
  • Support for 20 common 3D file formats.
  • Use the project files for your own development projects.
Online 3D viewer and scene editor3D viewer and scene editor

Platform features

3D viewer

3D & AR product viewer for e-commerce

The 3D producr viewer produces compelling 3D images that users can interact with on a webpage.

AR Viewer with WebAR

AR and WebAR technologies enable customers to try out your products in their own homes - or anywhere.


Demonstrate product features, moving parts, and mechanisms with animations.
Interactive text annotations

3D Annotations

Highlight and describe key product features with interactive 3D text annotations.
Ezyvue 3D editor

Ezyvue 3D editor

Use the editor to compose a scene, and edit lighting, environments, camera, materials, and effects. Add text annotations, product variants, and more.
Product configurator

Product Configurator

Build a product configurator and let shoppers choose from all your color and material options.

Virtual Reality

Enter a VR experience from the 3D Viewer with user-friendly point-and-move controls. Accessible to users with inexpensive VR headsets such as VR Box and Google Cardboard.

Dimensions Tool

Turn on the tool to show the dimensions of a model.


The viewer is responsive on all modern mobile and desktop browsers.
Website integration

Easy website integration

Integrate the 3D viewer with your website with the custom viewer-3d HTML element or embed it as an iframe.
Site builder

E-commerce website builder integration

Integrate the viewer with popular website builders with a simple code snippet.
Technical support

Technical Support

Expert technical support by email 7 days a week.

A few use cases


Promote your brand online with compelling interactive 3D virtual products.

3D & AR product model

Learning & Discovery

The possibilities of animated 3D models and AR in education are endless, bringing books to life and making the learning experience more engaging and fun.

Educational 3D & AR model

Museums & Galleries

Expand your audience and allow them to view exhibits online anytime, anywhere. AR provides a great learning and entertaining experience with exhibits that can be displayed in any space.

Museum 3D & AR sculpture


Engage your customers with realistic 3D models of your product range. Demonstrate working parts and mechanisms with animations. With AR your customers can preview a product to scale anywhere.

3D & AR robot model